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How do solar rebates work in Perth Western Australia


Many people who were considering installing Solar Panels on their house in Perth are under the impression that the Solar Rebates from the Federal Government have been cancelled.


Significant Solar Rebates still apply, from around $1,000 for a 1.6kW system to over $3,200 for a 5kW. The change that was brought forward from June to the end of December just changed the double RECs rebate for the first 1.5kW down to single.

The current level of Solar Rebates will be staying, as they are now on the same basis as other solar energy products such as Solar Hot Water Systems, which also attract the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which the rebates are based on.

The removal of the multiplier should help take away some of the uncertainty that has been present for some time with it has been gradually reduced, especially when those reductions are brought forward.

In fact, after the reduction in the Solar Rebate , the prices of the top of the range 327 watt Sunpower panels systems have been reduced, and are now cheaper than before the rebate change.

Contact the experienced consultants at Avant Solar to explain this. In collaboration with you they can design a solar energy system custom made for your house and your needs and usage.

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